Cape Cod

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Cape Cod (Visit 1)

Massachusetts, USA

June 28 thru July 1, 2009  Photos by Kevin Heckeler using an Olympus SP-550UZ 7.1MP  Digital Camera

Views 1 [Cape_Cod_National_Seashore_Truro]

Views 2 [Cape_Cod_National_Seashore_Truro]

Views 3 [Wellfleet_Bay_Mass_Audubon]

Views 4 [Wellfleet_Bay_Mass_Audubon]

Views 5 [Wellfleet_Bay_Mass_Audubon]

Views 6 [Wing's_Island_Museum_Natural_History]

Views 7 [Wing's_Island_Museum_Natural_History]

Views 8 [Gray's_Beach_Yarmouth_Port]

Views 9 [Gray's_Beach_Yarmouth_Port]

Thunderstorm Video (Right-click, Save Target As...)

Download Divx/Xvid codec for video here.

Coast Violet [Herring_River]

Eastern Blue-Eyed Grass [Wing's_Island]

Japanese Honeysuckle [Wing's_Island]

Swamp Rose [Herring_River]

White Flower (unidentified) [Wing's_Island]

White Rose [Herring_River]

Whorled Loosestrife [Wing's_Island]



Woodhouse's Toad (baby) [Wellfleet_Bay_Audubon]

Bob White [Wellfleet_Bay_Mass_Audubon]

Bull Frog [Wellfleet_Bay_Audubon]

Common Yellowthroat Warbler [Wellfleet_Bay_Audubon]

Eastern Towhee [Wing's_Island]

Egret [Herring_River]

Fiddler Crab [Wellfleet_Bay_Mass_Audubon]

Great Black-Backed Gull [Wing's_Island]

Green Crab [Long_Pasture_Mass_Audubon]

Gulls [Gray's_Beach_Yarmouth_Port]

Hermit Crab [Long_Pasture_Mass_Audubon]

Oriole [Wellfleet_Bay_Mass_Audubon]

Painted Turtles [Wellfleet_Bay_Mass_Audubon]

Piping Plover [Marconi_Beach]

Sea Snail [Wing's_Island_Museum_Natural_History]

Snail [Breakwater_Beach]

Swan [Bell's_Neck]

Osprey Platform [Gray's_Beach_Yarmouth]

Osprey Platform [Harwich_Conservation]

Osprey Platform [Wing's_Island]

Topo map for this region.

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