Eastern Sierra

Highway 395 / Eastern Sierra Wildlife Flowers Video

April 16 thru 26, 2016  Photos by Kevin Heckeler using Sony HX400V/B and Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS25 Cameras


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Highway 395 / Eastern Sierra

California, USA

Pano 1

Pano 2 Mono Lake

Pano 3 Convict Lake

Pano 4 Along Highway 395

Pano 5 Along Highway 395

Pano 6 Along Highway 395

Pano 7 Pine Creek Canyon

Pano 8 Outside Bishop, CA

Pano 9 Along Highway 395

Pano 10 Along Highway 395

Pano 11 Alabama Hills

Pano 12 Whitney Portal Road

Pano 13 Whitney Portal

Pano 14 Near Lone Pine, CA

Pano 15 Elk Seep [formerly Owen's Lake]

Pano 16 Tuttle Creek

Pano 17 Bristlecone Park

Pano 18 Osgood Swamp, Lake Tahoe area

View 1 Tuttle Creek

View 2 Bridgeport Reservoir

View 3 Bridgeport Reservoir

View 4 Bridgeport Reservoir

Views 5 Mono Lake

Views 6 Owen's River Gorge

Views 7 Owen's River Gorge

Views 8 Owen's River Gorge

Views 9 Owen's River Gorge





Views 10 Outside Bishop, CA

Views 11 Outside Bishop, CA

Views 12 Outside Bishop, CA

Views 13 Outside Bishop, CA

Views 14 Outside Bishop, CA

Views 15 Outside Bishop, CA

Views 16 Pine Creek Canyon

Views 17 Pine Creek Canyon

Views 18 Pleasant Valley

Views 19 Near Lake Sabrina

Views 20 Lake Sabrina

Views 21 Along Highway 395

Views 22 Whitney Portal

Views 23 Whitney Portal

Views 24 Whitney Portal

Views 25 Whitney Portal

Views 26 Whitney Portal

Views 27 Tuttle Creek Campground

Views 28 Alabama Hills

Views 29

Views 30 Cattle Drive

Views 31 Joshua Flats, CA

Views 32 Tuttle Creek

Views 33 Tuttle Creek

Views 34 Bristlecone Forest

Views 35 Bristlecone Forest

Views 36 Bristlecone Forest

Views 37 Bristlecone Forest

Views 38 Near Mono Lake

Views 39 Horsetail Falls

Views 40 Near Mammoth, CA

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Jack Rabbit

Sagebrush Lizard

Western Fence Lizard 1

Western Fence Lizard 2

Western Whiptail 1

Western Whiptail 2

Side-Blotched Lizard


West Coast Lady Butterfly 1

West Coast Lady Butterfly 2

Glossy Ibis 1

Glossy Ibis 2

Glossy Ibis 3

Osprey 1

Osprey 2

Osprey 3

Osprey 4


Clark's Grebe 1

Clark's Grebe 2

Clark's Grebe 3

Female Common Merganser

Juvenile Bald Eagle 1

Juvenile Bald Eagle 2

American White Pelican 1

American White Pelican 2

American White Pelican 3

American White Pelican 4

Rock Wren 1

Rock Wren 2

Black-Billed Magpie

Canada Geese and Chicks

Female Red-Winged Blackbird


Brewer's Blackbird 1

Brewer's Blackbird 2

Brewer's Blackbird 3

Brewer's Blackbird 4

Brewer's Blackbird 5

Dusky Flycatcher

Ash-Throated Flycatcher

Double-Crested Cormorants 1

Double-Crested Cormorants 2

Double-Crested Cormorants 3

Double-Crested Cormorants 4

Bewick's Wren 1

Bewick's Wren 2

Bewick's Wren 3

Yellow-Rumped Warbler 1

Yellow-Rumped Warbler 2

Yellow-Rumped Warbler 3






Steller Jay

Red-Breasted Sapsucker 1

Red-Breasted Sapsucker 2

White-Crowned Sparrow 1

White-Crowned Sparrow 2

Red-Breasted Nuthatch

Ruddy Ducks 1

Ruddy Duck 2

Least Sandpipers 1

Least Sandpipers 2


Northern Shovelers

Cinnamon Teal 1

Cinnamon Teal 2




Clark's Nutcracker

Black Phoebe

Song Sparrow


Yellow Warbler 1

Yellow Warbler 2

Eared Grebe 1

Eared Grebe 2

Northern Harrier

Dark-Eyed Junco 1

Dark-Eyed Junco 2

Dark-Eyed Junco 3

Northern Mocking Bird

Western Kingbird

Western Scrub Jay 1

Western Scrub Jay 2

Wilson's Warbler 1

Wilson's Warbler 2

Wilson's Warbler 3

Ring-Necked Ducks

Great-Tailed Grackle

Tree Swallow

American Avocet 1

American Avocet 2

Greater Yellowlegs 1

Greater Yellowleg 2

Northern Flicker

American Coot 1

American Coot 2

Bell's Sage Sparrow

Yellow-Headed Blackbird 1

Yellow-Headed Blackbird 2

Yellow-Headed Blackbird 3


Loggerhead Shrike 1

Loggerhead Shrike 2

Mourning Dove

Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher 1

Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher 2

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Erodium Cicutarium


Peirson's Clavate Fruited Primrose

White Forget-Me-Not

Fremont Pacelia

Desert Allysum

White Stemmed Blazing Star

Menzies' Fiddleneck

Scented Cryptantha 1

Scented Cryptantha 2


Shining Blazing Star 1

Shining Blazing Star 2

Rock Gilia


Granite Gilia


Desert Dandelion 1

Desert Dandelion 2


Pursh's Woolly Pod

Desert Paintbrush


Gilia Brecciarum

Foothill Deathcamas

Desert Peach 1

Desert Peach 2

Arabis Pulchra


Masonic Rockcress

Lupine 1

Lupine 2


Beavertail Cactus

Desert Tobacco

Desert Chicory

Spineless Horsebrush


Whispering Bells

Anderson's Thistle

Common Phacelia

Chylismia Claviformis

Desert Calico

Woolly Star


Hesperochiron 1

Hesperochiron 2


Tufted Evening Primrose

Eriogonum Ovalifolium

Western Peony

Spreading Phlox

Alpine Buttercup

Water Plantain Buttercup

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