Eastern Sierra

Independence Peak Kearsarge Pass Flowers

August 14 and 15 2020,  Photos by Kevin Heckeler using a Samsung S10 smartphone


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Independence Peak [attempt]

Onion Valley Road, Independence, California, USA

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Kearsarge Pass

Onion Valley Road, Sierra Mountains, California, USA

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California Buckwheat [Flower]

Bolander's Yampah [Flower]

Alpine Columbine [Flower]

Nude Buckwheat [Flower]

Mousetail Ivesia [Flower]

Wright's Buckwheat [Flower]

Bush Chinquapin [Flower]

Western Tofieldia [Flower]

Sneezeweed [Flower]

Mountain Pennyroyal [Flower]

Rock Fringe [Flower]

Arrowhead Butterweed [Flower]

White Rein Orchid [Flower]

Alpine Gentian [Flower]

Clover [Flower]

Ranger's Buttons [Flower]

Western Monkshoot [Flower]

Spreading Dogbane [Flower]

Fireweed [Flower]

Daisy Fleabane [Flower]

Alpine Daisy [Flower]

Unidentified 1 [Flower]

Unidentified 2 [Flower]

Unidentified 3 [Flower]

Unidentified 4 [Flower]

Unidentified 5 [Flower]

Unidentified 6 [Flower]


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